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If you are looking for Suitable Photocopy leasing Service Provider and your business has a lot of printing like media advertisement – Publications or Construction Documents. Consider us as your printer Rental Equipment Supplier. We provide Monochrome | Color laser Multi functional Copier on Short Term and Long Term basis –  No Initial Investment.

Situations that could require Laser Color Photocopy Machine:

Large Business Meetings | Conferences | Expos | Events | Seminars | Conventions | Annual Reports | Large Projects | End of the Tax Year | Audits | Legal Work | Contract Work | School Exam Periods | Charity Events | Construction Offices | Engineering Projects | Temporary / On-Site Offices or Buildings | Start ups |  

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Why Consider Printers For Office for your Printer Lease?

Latest High - Tech Model Machines

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Best Photocopiers for Leasing

Things Consider before Renting Photocopier

looking Color or Mono Printer

looking for color or black and white printer or both ? Decide first.


Paper Size

printer you hire must facilitate all of your printing needs.

Certainly A4-A3-A5-A6 paper size options must be there in the photocopy machine.



some printers you will connect with old-fashioned Ethernet cable method

some use USB Connection

most printers connect to WIFi, remote printer option is there as well.  

Printing speed

However printing speed is measured by PPM ( page per minute ) 

Generally, 20 ppm is suited to smaller offices

very high-end machines with speed 30-40 suited to medium-sized businesses.

Printer Size

Indeed printer can be very big machines, make sure that the model you choose would fit in your office space

Mostly low-volume printers often smaller and can easily place on a desk

high-volume machine usually pretty heavy and come as floor-standing models


Some Questions Related To Leasing Copier Machine

- Should I lease an Inkjet or Laser Photocopier for my Office

Inkjet | – make a least option cost-wise –  inks are expensive as compare to laser toners – Slow Printing Speed 

Laser or Digital | – Printer Faster – Toner costs less per page – high print Quality – Indeed high capacity for bulk printing 

Answer | – We recommend Digital Printing MFP device which is popular type of printer for high printing volume. indeed good print speed along with high print quality. furthermore , option to print from mobile and USB. above all there is a option of scan – send and store makes laser printer more effective.  

- Eco - friendly Machine?

Answer | – By using your copier wisely help the environment into the bargain – print double sided – take energy saving measurement – make environmentally friendly photocopier by waste-reduction principles and power management.  

- Average Length of a Photocopier Lease?

Answer | – A day – a week – a month and 24 months are most common lease period. some business ask for a longer time to spread out the payment and lower their monthly rate.

- Is servicing and maintenance cost included in the contract?

Answer | – yes – we offer photocopy servicing alongside a leasing contract. no need to pay extra money for anything – no hidden charges.

- Does Copier Speed Matter?

Answer | – Make sure that copier you are going to take run at a speed to match your requirements – speed in measured in ppm ( pages per minute ) 30 to 40 ppm speed is suitable for small businesses and large workgroup.