Rent/Lease Printer

Flexible Printer Rental – Leasing Solutions for short and long term period that solve real-world printing challenges.





Most Reliable Printers

We offer top – performing Printers that will last. Surely, we always recommend the best printer that will deliver high – quality prints at a pleasingly low cost. we provide best cheap all in one photocopier with the features of scan – copy and fast ppm speed – color or black and white. 

In the Printer rental – leasing period no need to spend extra money for photocopier repairs and maintenance . we will take the responsibility of replacing faulty machine parts and servicing of machine throughout the leasing agreement. Additionally we will provide you consumables and  toners in the rental contract free of charges.

Free Maintenance and Service - Cartridges

Copier Suitable for Short - long Term

printers-for-office-short term and long term 1

Rent or Lease a business laser color photocopier on short and long term would be the optimal solution.Rather than spending money on purchasing all in one MFP Copier and spend money on photocopier maintenance or services consider us as your all-in-one MFD’s rental or leasing supplier for your office printing requirement. Surely, no maintenance |  repairs charges in our office printing machine rental agreement.

In addition,leasing agreement helps businesses to obtain photocopier with low upfront costs and also helps to preserve credits. Rather than spending substantial money on buying wireless color copier hire our office photocopy rental services.

Low upfront Cost

printers-for-office-low upfront cost2

Eco - Friendly Machines

printers-for-office-Canon 525i

We offer Printer machines on rent or lease which designed to minimize energy use and have less of an impact of the environment. In Addition, Compact and large – volume toner cartridge saves resources and adds convenience 


We provide printers on rent in Dubai. If you want to hire a printer or looking for a printer leasing service provider, consider us for your printer leasing requirement. Furthermore, Our printer rental solutions and charges are very nominal and helps you to save big on every page you print.

Basic Plan
AED 500
No hidden charges
Copier Model : Canon IR B&W
Specification: Print/Copy/Scan/Send
Free Copies Black:5000
Free Copies Color: N/A
Extra Copies per Black: 8 Fills
Extra Copies per Color: N/A
Toners: Throughout the lease period
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Standard Plus
AED 850
No hidden Charges
Copier Model: Canon IR ADV Color 5030
Specification : Print/Copy/Scan/Send
Free Copies Black: 3,500
Free Copies Color: 1,500
Extra Copies per Black: 7 Fills
Extra Copies per Color: 35 Fills
Toners: Throughout the lease period
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Renting Office Printer is a Affordable Option

- Benefits -

Short term and Long term Commitment

High-end tech at a price that won't break the bank

Monthly And Quarterly Fixed Payments

Short term and Long term commitment can make renting the preferred option for start-ups.In leasing option, you can terminate the contract with as little as 30’s days’ notice.

In addition renting a photocopy machine allows to make monthly payments to hire a copier machine that would perhaps be way out of a start-up’s price range. In leasing offers small businesses get the option to access high-end tech at a price that won’t break the bank.

Indeed, leasing photocopier would be good option for those businesses who need printing machine for specific time period like exhibition, or one or more years.


Certainly, renting a color laser printer avoids the hassle of resale and disposal of outdated office printing equipment. Leasing is also convenient because everything is included in rent.

Companies that have multiple branches prefer leasing printers to maintain the same standard in each branch. Photocopy machine are depreciating assets. In Fact, Rent or Hire a printer would be the optimal solution.

However companies with less IT Staff often go with hiring office printing equipment.

Above all, Small businesses can enjoy the updated technology by leasing printer.

Avoid the hassle of Resale And Disposal

Stay up-to-date

All-in-one Multi functional perfect for businesses

Things Consider before Renting Photocopier

looking Color or Mono Printer

looking for color or black and white printer or both ? Decide first.


Paper Size

printer you hire must facilitate all of your printing needs.

Certainly A4-A3-A5-A6 paper size options must be there in the photocopy machine.



some printers you will connect with old-fashioned Ethernet cable method

some use USB Connection

most printers connect to WIFi, remote printer option is there as well.  

Printing speed

However printing speed is measured by PPM ( page per minute ) 

Generally, 20 ppm is suited to smaller offices

very high-end machines with speed 30-40 suited to medium-sized businesses.

Printer Size

Indeed printer can be very big machines, make sure that the model you choose would fit in your office space

Mostly low-volume printers often smaller and can easily place on a desk

high-volume machine usually pretty heavy and come as floor-standing models


Some Questions Related To Leasing Copier Machine

- Should I lease an Inkjet or Laser Photocopier for my Office

Inkjet | – make a least option cost-wise –  inks are expensive as compare to laser toners – Slow Printing Speed 

Laser or Digital | – Printer Faster – Toner costs less per page – high print Quality – Indeed high capacity for bulk printing 

Answer | – We recommend Digital Printing MFP device which is popular type of printer for high printing volume. indeed good print speed along with high print quality. furthermore , option to print from mobile and USB. above all there is a option of scan – send and store makes laser printer more effective.  

- Eco - friendly Machine?

Answer | – By using your copier wisely help the environment into the bargain – print double sided – take energy saving measurement – make environmentally friendly photocopier by waste-reduction principles and power management.  

- Average Length of a Photocopier Lease?

Answer | – A day – a week – a month and 24 months are most common lease period. some business ask for a longer time to spread out the payment and lower their monthly rate.

- Is servicing and maintenance cost included in the contract?

Answer | – yes – we offer photocopy servicing alongside a leasing contract. no need to pay extra money for anything – no hidden charges.

- Does Copier Speed Matter?

Answer | – Make sure that copier you are going to take run at a speed to match your requirements – speed in measured in ppm ( pages per minute ) 30 to 40 ppm speed is suitable for small businesses and large workgroup.