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We will help you to change your formerly manual or paper – based workflow to a digital one by high resolution color scanner which make your business less dependent on paper and more efficient – 

Scan whenever you need Whatever you need it.

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Rent a Document Scanner

In Fact, Leasing a document Scanner is a cost – effective option to move physical paperwork into a digital format.

you can digitize your account invoices – purchase order – medical records and employee files  or  material entry | exit records – contracts or anything else.

We provide you well maintained  reliable scanners to meet your documents conversion needs. whether it’s for one month – year or 10k documents or 10 millions, surely our scanner meet your requirement.


- Scan to Folder

- Send to Email

- option to Fax

- Scan to Personal folder or Email



- High Resolution color scanning

- Advance features and ease-of-use

- High volume scanner

- High Scanning Speed


High use of technology among small businessesdocument management became valuable tool of businesses . Turning paper documents into digital files gives your paperwork and important documents another level of security and protection. To Summarize, It is a good idea to transfer physical paperwork into a digital format to better protect your documents moving forward.

What Documents A Company can Scan

Correspondence – Financial records – Supplier and Client invoices – Files from human resources – Maps – Various over sized documents  – Agreements – Designs – School literature – Collage assignments  – Notes – Famous books 

Benefits of Document Scanning

1 - Minimize the cost of paper file tasks and management

Major advantages of digital documents is the fact that ultimately you can minimize the costs of mailing – copying – shipping  and storing hard – copy files as well.

2 - Save office space by document scanning

By document scanning management, of course  you can save thousands of files on computer folder and  single external hard drive.  Surely, you can remove dozens of filling cabinet full of paper files.

3 - Digital files more easy to access - more secure

Undoubtedly, Digital files can easily store and access. you can find any file through a keyword search feature. you can also access every word on a scanner document and digital documents can be retrieved or accessed from anywhere around the world.  At the end, document management systems are very secure you can also set password and install secure firewalls to eliminate security issue.

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