Printer Repair Services Dubai UAE

Printer Repair Services in Dubai

We are an established company who offer printer repair services in Dubai, photocopier Repair services in Dubai and  Abu Dhabi. Printers for office understands how your business is affected when a printer, photocopier machine breaks down. Our aim is to get you back in business as much quickly as possible. Moreover,  offering you the best printer repair in duabi and cheap photocopier repair  in Dubai – UAE. We also help out with printer Rental service and repair at Dubai office and right at your doorstep and near you. We offer fast, efficient and also on-site printer repair service in Dubai.


For all your Printer and Photocopier Repairs including all types : Monochrome printer repair– Color repair – Laser or inkjet photocopier repair– Wireless copier repairs– MFP and MFD.

We Repair all brands:

Canon Printer repair dubai, Hp photocopier repairs in dubai, Ricoh Printer repair services in dubai, Xerox photocopier repairs dubai. Contact Printer Repair Services dubai.


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We carry out Printer Repair and Service in these areas...

Printers for office delivers quality Photocopier repair Services in Dubai on call. Moreover we serve various companies in the metropolitan area of Dubai and in its surrounding areas. We deal in Canon Printer Repair Dubai, Hp Printer Repair Dubai and also Ricoh Photocopier Repair in Dubai.The areas we serve include Dubai Deira, Bur Dubai, Al Barsha, Al Furjan, Al Quoz, Motor City, Arabian Ranches, Barsha South, Burj Khalifa, DIFC, Discovery Gardens, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Mirdif, Harmriya, International City, Jebel Ali, Jumairah Lake Towers (JLT), Jumairah Beach Residence (JBR), Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road, Silicon Oasis, Studio City, Tecom, Umm Suqeim, Dubai Health City, Wafi City , World Trade Center, Zabeel.

Our Services Include:

On-Site Printer Repair Services in Dubai

We Deliver same day services in most instances

Pick up and Drop Services 

Visit along with complete set of tools to serve in the least possible time

Certainly On-Call assistance support for Troubleshooting

Make sure the availability of spare parts

we also make affordable 1-year Printer maintenance and service contract.

Always ready to help our customer  

Printer Repair Dubai Benefits

Fixed Price Photocopier Repairs

You can relax with our fixed printer repairs pricing in dubai, safe in the knowledge that we will get your machine up and running as quickly and economically as possible. Indeed, our pricing policy gives complete peace of mind.

Lowest Printer parts price

We carry and have access to the  largest stock of photocopier parts and consumables. Furthermore,  you can be assured you will always pay the lowest amount possible for any photocopier parts your machine needs.

Rapid Response by Engineers

Our standard service response time of 4 hours is cheaper and is also suitable for emergency situations. At the end, our  experienced engineers will efficiently repair your copier, leaving it fully functioning and cleaned.

Printer Repair Dubai and Photocopier Repair Services in Dubai

Backed by vast experience and expertise in fixing photocopier issues, our technicians get to the root of the problem and fix it. We offer cost effective photocopier maintenance service contracts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For photocopier repairs service we serve small & medium enterprises, Corporate, Hospitals, Councils, Lawyers, Solicitors, Banks, Laboratories, Schools, Colleges, Universities and as well as home user customers.

We provide our customers with lowest priced, onsite printer and photocopier maintenance contracts in Dubai and across UAE. Our photocopier, printer and scanner repairs service cover a broad spectrum of printer problems such as poor quality, paper jamming, printouts issues, slow printing, appearance of symbol characters, crashing of the program when print command is executed and more.



Canon printers Repair Dubai

 In Addition, Canon printers Repairing and servicing photocopiers has been an essential part of our business since 2015. Printer For Office has the knowledge and connections you need to solve all of your printer problems – fast.

We use only highly trained printer Technicians that are local to you. It allows the majority of repairs to be solved the same or next day.  You can hire us with confidence knowing that you will be back up and running as soon as possible.

 Off course, we know just how vital having a fully-functioning printer on-site can be. 

When we’re through fixing things we’ll make sure to thoroughly clean and reassemble your printer. make sure no paper jams, toner build or unsightly ink stains that can accumulate over time.

Some Questions Related to Printer Repair Dubai

Question: Do I have to bring my printer to you to be repaired?

Answer: we carry out most of the repairs at our customer sites, occasionally we may take the machine away but this is rare.

Question: What is your response time?

Answer: We can usually get to the customer next business day . If it si urgent and cannot wait then it may be possible to get an engineer with you the same day.

Question: is my home inkjet printer worth repairing?

Answer: It depends on the value of the inkjet photocopier. However, some photo inkjet printers are quite expensive and certainly worth repairing.


Question: Which printer should I buy?

Answer: The important thing you need to look at when buying a printer is how much do you print. Buying a cheap printer could end up costing you thousand and printers that cost thousands can be waste of money if you don’t print sufficient volumes. It also depends on your budget and what you need the printer for. The requirements of a graphic designer will be very different to that of an accountant. Surely we can help you select the right printer for your office.

Question: What brand to you prefer?

Answer: It depends on what you are looking for . Certainly you should prefer at least good desktop laser jet printer. On the hand, if you have huge printing volume, better to go for multi functional printer. Get the printer which parts is easily available in market and rates are cheap. 

Question: Do you sell second hand printers

Answer: Yes we do, printers we provide are fully checked and normally with a very low page count so almost new. We also offer a 6 moths guarantee.

Question: Where are your engineers located?

Answer: Our Technicians are all local to your area and can attend printer repairs dubai and throughout the UAE including all major cities like, Dubai. Abu Dhabi, Alain, Ras ul Khaima, Sharjah, Ajman. We provide printer repair services in dubai especially.

Question: Do I have to pay for a second callout if you need to return to fit parts?

Answer: You, no extra charges for a second callout. The price of the part given to you will be supply and fir price.

Question: Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for your work

Answer: Yes, our printer repair services in dubai offer 3 month parts warranty for the same fault.

Question: What happens if you are unable to fix the printer?

Answer: If we are unable to fix the printer, we will offer you a full refund. However if the reason we can’t repair the printer is because we are unable to source the parts or it seemed that printer to be beyond economical repair then the callout would apply.

Question: Do your engineers carry parts with them?

Answer: Yes, our technicians carry of the most popular rollers etc. Apart from that due to vast amount of parts we are not able to carry everything.

Question: what happens if an engineer requires a part and how long does it take to get the parts in?

Answer: If the parts are in stock we can get the parts to you next working day with technician to fit. 

Question: Do you use genuine parts?

Answer: Yes, printer repair services in dubai also offer refurbished and second hand parts where they are available.

Top 10 most common printer faults

1.      Paper Jam: 

The paper jam probably the most frustrating and common printer fault and it seems to always happen when you are in a rush to get to a meeting or to meet a deadline. You find yourself opening every door to find where the paper is located. Paper jams normally are because of worn rollers and dirt in the printer. Excessive paper dust on the rollers from using very cheap paper. It can also be because of faulty fuser unit and other consumables like a ripped transfer belt.


2.      Poor Print Quality:

Check your toner levels are not running low or empty 1st.  Check the printer is not running on Eco mode, TONER SAVE or Grayscale. Give the toner cartridge a gentle shake. Replace the toners to eliminate it is not the toner.


3.      Ghosting:

It is where you see either repeating fading images or the words are blurry. Check the drum units, transfer belt and fuser heating unit for visible faults. If no visible signs change the drums / toners until you eliminate the fault. If this fails you may have an issue with the laser scanner unit or power supply.


4.      Image comes off the paper, smears and is powdery:

If this is happening on any part of your print that has come out into the tray then your fuser heating unit needs to be replaced. The Fuser unit heats the powder toner so that it sticks or fuses to the paper if the print is coming off to touch then this is due to the fuser is not heating or is not getting hot enough. The fuser heating unit normally is replaced however they can be repaired for certain models.


5.      Marks on prints when I copy but not when I print:

 If you are getting marks on your prints only when you copy the most likely problem will be dirt on the glass scanner. Check the glass for dirt. Some adf units will have an adf kit where you change a plastic film. If the dirt is on the inside of the glass it is advisable to get an technician to do this job.

6.      When I print I get blank pages:

Check that you have removed and pulled the tape seal from the toner cartridge if it has recently been changed. If you still have problems then you will need an engineer from printer repair services in dubai to look at the printer.


7.      My printer is making a loud rattling noise:

Toner drums can sometimes give grinding sounds if they are faulty. Replace the toners or drums and if the problem persists then call engineer from printer repairs services in dubai  we will have to have a look at as it is probably a cog that is worn.

8.     My Printer is not printing. 

If you have no error messages pointing you to a problem, you need to check the photocopier is connected. If you are using a USB connection or are on a network,  check the cables are plugged in. For Wi-Fi printers check your Wi-Fi is enabled on both the printer and the computer or tablet. If all is ok here first you need to reinstall the drivers for the printer. Next check the printer user manual trouble shooting brochure. If you are still having issues then you will need technician from printer repair services in dubai as you may have a faulty printer part.


9.     Printer is running low on toner / ink message.

  Don’t worry and carry on as long as your prints are clean. Carry on printing as normal and make sure you have spare ink just in case the printer does run out. Toners and ink will normally print for a while after they are due to expire and some will stop when the counter says stop. If the printer stops working because the counter thinks it has run out you can normally bypass this in the printer settings to carry on printing. However if the quality of your prints is poor or not up to scratch then this is a probable sign that you need to change the toner or ink.


10.     Wi-Fi printing takes too long to print

Place the printer next to the wireless router and see if this speeds up the printing. If so get a wireless range extender. You need to make sure your router is up-to-date. Check it has the latest firmware installed and that it supports 802.11n.